3 generations so far with the will to produce and ensure high quality pasta and products.

A Story Of Taste


A father and his son who want to create fresh high quality handmade pasta and gnocchi found Pastificio Stroppa in 1968. The wise hands of pasta makers create few specific products whose life shelf is limited and that are exclusively sold by some retailers in Milan.


In 1980 the founder leaves the company: his son Angelo, who is still its Director, takes over the firm. Moreover, the industrial development and some new preservation methods allow Pastificio Stroppa to widen its product range.

Another important passage when Angelo’s children Elisabetta, Annarita and Maurizio maintain the tradition and take over the firm. While keeping an eye on the quality of raw materials, they turn Pastificio Stroppa into one of the main European strongholds of the Italian traditional food production.


In 2002 Pastificio Stroppa obtains its certification for organic products and reaches new customers both in Italy and abroad.


2013, the turning point: the new seat gives the opportunity to serve catering facilities and canteens in schools, firms and hospitals, Cash & Carry and large-scale retail trade stores both under its own brand and private labels with an excellent quality-price ratio.


Pastificio Stroppa renews its image: two new web portals, the former for its organic products and the latter exclusively for its institutional identity, convey the strong message of continuous renewal and attention to customers’ needs.