Pasta ripiena

Pastificio Stroppa
Pasta Ripiena | Pastificio Stroppa

A delicious balance of flavours for excellent stuffing.

A soft and stuffed kind of pasta with a tasty core. It is perfect for delicate sauces.

Cappelletti | Pastificio Stroppa

A simple but irresistible kind of pasta for excellent first course soups.

Quadrucci | Pastificio Stroppa

Fresh half moon ravioli with a savoury meat core.

Casoncelli | Pastificio Stroppa

Only selected meat for a core with a strong flavour. They match with all sauces.

Piemontesini | Pastificio Stroppa

A classic Italian dish. An appetizing and tasty core for simple but pleasant family meals.

Quadratoni Ricotta e Spinaci | Pastificio Stroppa

A soft and delicate core, made with soft ricotta cheese and fresh spinach for a light and genuine first course.

Tortelloni Ricotta e Spinaci | Pastificio Stroppa

A classic kind of pasta with a pleasant and delicate pumpkin core. They are perfect for astonishing and appetizing first courses.

Tortelli alla zucca | Pastificio Stroppa

A surprising and nourishing core made of healthy products and wrapped in a specially-shaped pasta.

Girasoli Gorgonzola Pere Miele | Pastificio Stroppa

A masterpiece of flavours, with an intense and enveloping taste, featuring the unmistakable aroma of porcini mushrooms.

Saccottini Ai Funghi | Pastificio Stroppa

A particular kind of pasta hiding a surprising taste and a special and unmistakable aroma in its core.

Saccottini Al Tartufo | Pastificio Stroppa